Helmi tunic

Helmi tunic

Summer is almost here and this Helmi is perfect for it.

Have you ever had the experience of making or purchasing an item of clothing that you’re not entirely sure about and then, to your surprise, it becomes your favourite thing in your closet? That’s how it’s been with this Named Helmi tunic dress: I had some frustrations making it and when I first tried it on, but after wearing it twice I am loving it immensely.

What I love:

  • OH MAN the cotton (blend?) rayon fabric is perfect for a summer dress. So swishy and light without being sheer
  • I specifically chose fabric with a pattern because it would hide the waist seam which is a touch too low for my taste, and it worked brilliantly
  • I really dig the covered button band and collar stand
  • …and the sleeves, which are beautifully loose and I’m a huge fan of the 3/4 length
  • It looks great with a belt – pink and navy is one of my all-time favourite colour combos
No idea what I’m doing here but I really like how long my legs look in this photo.

What I didn’t love:

  • The 3/8″ seam allowance meant the seams were hell to finish without a serger. Flat felling the seams was no joke and I bailed on the sleeve seams because I’m not a masochist (just zigzagged the edges and sewed them flat after pressing toward the bodice). I French seamed the skirt halves together.
  • It looks like a man’s nightshirt without a belt, which is fine in and of itself but isn’t particularly flattering on me
Belt wrinkles!

Let it be noted that the frustrations I had while making the dress were soon forgotten upon wearing it. It is SO COMFY, and this random rayon from Fabricland that I got for $10/metre is perfection with this pattern. It’s floaty and weightless and I’ll see how it stands up to lots of wear this summer.



  • Graded skirt from US size 10 to 14 from waist to just above hip line
  • Lengthened skirt by 3″
  • If I make it again, I might raise the waistline by an inch or two and do the bodice in US size 8 and grade to a 12 from waist to hip
  • I may add belt loops but so far I’ve managed without them

Overall, I am ecstatic about this make and am looking forward to tackling the Named Reeta soon.


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